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What time of the year do you require hosts?

We welcome visitors throughout the year but mainly during the summer months.


When will we hear if we have been accepted as hosts?

After the visit of our host family visitor and vetting process we then proceed to match up visitors with hosts. We aim to provide at least 4 weeks notice before the visitor arrives and to give full information about them, including contact details in order to establish a connection before arrival.


Can I host more than 1 student at the same time?

Yes it can be possible to host more than 1 student at the same time if they have separate bedrooms and that there is no more than 1 student of the same native speaking language in your home at the same time.


What if any problems arise?

We are a local company. We are on hand  24-7 throughout via our 24hour phone service and only ever a short drive away in case you need us!


What if my visitor becomes ill?

Again we offer 24-7 phone support throughout. All visitors come with medical insurance in the case that a visit to a doctor or hospital is necessary.


Do I need to speak my visitor´s language in order to host?

No, not at all. Our visitors come to be immersed in the English language! They do often teach our hosts some words and phrases in their own language.


What if my guest has special dietary requirements?

Our hosts are given all of this information prior to arrival.


Will my family be vetted to be a host family?

For hosting all students under 18 it is necessary to be vetted. This is done at our expense and our host family visitor will explain the process clearly during his or her home visit with you.


Will we be paid for hosting?

Of course our understanding is that financial gain is not the primary motive behind hosting a student. We do pay a hospitality allowance to hosts to cover food, accommodation and associated expenses and this is paid several days prior to the visitor departure via online bank transfer.


*Our Strangford programme offers a different system of remuneration


Can I host if I don´t have children of my own?

Yes you can! We do have some opportunities to host adults and young adults in which it is not a requisite to have children of your own at home. 

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